1-2 December 2017,  JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, Mumbai ,India

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1-2 December 2017 | Mumbai | India.

Now in our 7th year, the Asian Patient Safety Awards continue to recognize and reward outstanding best practices in the healthcare industry.

Asian Patient Safety Awards Categories

  • Best Medication Safety Practice
  • Best Infection Prevention & Control Practice (i.e. antibiotic stewardship, hand washing, infection prophylaxis and control, innovation in infection control etc)
  • Leadership in Patient Safety (i.e. promoting safety culture in organization, operational best practice leading to safety and cost reduction etc) 
  • Best Practice in Anaesthesia & Surgical Safety
  • Best Nursing Practice in Patient Safety
  • Best Technology Use for Patient Safety
  • New Dimensions / Innovations in Patient Safety Practices)

Eligibility:All healthcare units including hospitals / clinics / diagnostic centre; integrated public and private healthcare entities
Deadline: 30th October 2017 
Please fill out the application form below for awards and abstracts.

Entry Fee::No Fee:


  1. Please do fill in all the sections. Entries in any other prepared format or with unfilled section(s) will not be evaluated. Be brief and highlight only the salient points.
  2. Additional information, if any, should be given in the Annexure(s).
  3. One organization can submit more than one entry and can also apply for different categories. Use a separate entry form for each nomination.
  4. It is important that the head of the institution / CEO / equivalent signs at the end of the form.
  5. It is important that the head of the institution/ CEO/ equivalent signs at the end of the form
    All the entries will be evaluated by a jury and decision of the jury will be final
  6. Shortlisting will be done based on evaluation of information supplied by the organisation.
  7. All the entries will be evaluated by a jury based upon criteria like relevance of the initiative, novelty of the idea, sustainability of the project, scalability to other organizations and overall contribution of the project into the patient safety domain.
  8. Decision of the jury will be final.
  9. After sending a nomination, an organization can avail 50% discount on one regular registration. A promo code for 50% discount on registration fee will be sent to all organizations who have applied for the award.
  10. Once shortlisted, the organization will need to communicate details of a contact person who would be attending the conference and the award function. He/she has to be compulsorily registered for the conference, through online registration portal of the conference. A promo code for 50% discount on registration fee will be sent to all shortlisted organizations.


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